Upholstery for Public spaces and Projects

Reupholstering the seats at the library/restaurant/café, as well as renewing the curtains and drapes, will give the place a facelift making the customers enjoy it even more!

Please let us know if you have any special requests. We collaborate with carpenters and artesans to  have the possibility to make most dreams become true

In the workshop we reupholster both small and large chairs and sofas for public spaces. We have also upholstered acoustic-wallcoverings.

By reupholstering the seatings for the office the ambiance of the space improves and therefore also productivity.

By choosing to reupholster instead of buying new furniture your company is taking part of the circular economy for a greener future.

Seating at cafés and restaurants are heavily used . Reupholstering chairs and seats will improve the overall experience for your customers and make the want to revisit more often.